Administration and Structure

The Centre consists of the administration, four departments, two sections and the Institute for Legal Research.

The Centre consists of:

  • Director (Vadim Ipatov)
  • First deputy director (Galina Podrezyonok)
  • Deputy director
  • Deputy director – Head of the Institute for Legal Research (Sergey Sivets)
  • Department of constitutional and international law
    • Section of constitutional law
    • Section of international law
    • Section of legislation systematization
  • Department of legislation on civil, financial and economic, ecological issues
    • Section of civil, economic and ecological legislation
    • Section of budget, financial, tax and banking legislation
  • Department of legislation on national security and law enforcement
  • Department of social legislation
  • Institute for Legal Research
    • Section of research in the field of state organization and society development, international law
    • Section of research in the sphere of economic development and ecology
    • Section of research in the field of law enforcement and administration of justice
    • Section of research in social sphere
  • Section of organizational and technical support
  • Accounts section