Computer-Aided System for Preparing Legal Normative Acts of the Republic of Belarus

There has been developed an application program entitled Computer-aided system for preparing legal normative acts of the Republic of Belarus.

The above program is aimed to improve the promotion of technology, to heighten the quality and efficiency while preparing all kinds of legal normative acts, to ameliorate the dataware of State authorities engaged in the rule-making activity and to reach the uniformity of approaches peculiar to State authorities in applying the legislative technique.

The program contains more than 100 versions of electronic patterns (e-pattern) representing draft legal normative acts as well as models drawing up the structural units of any of these e-patterns. The above patterns are uniform legal constructions of following legal normative acts: draft laws of the Republic of Belarus, regulations adopted by the Council of Minister of the Republic of Belarus, rules and regulations issued by the Administrative Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, decisions of local executive and administrative organs and of local councils of deputies as well.

At the present time the above program is successfully applied in the activity of State authorities and organizations.