Methodical Supervision of Preparing Drafts of Legal Acts

The organizational and methodical providing of preparation of draft legislative acts in the Republic of Belarus is implemented by the National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus in following forms:

  • generalization of non-settled rules of the rule-making technique and of other problems arising in the rule-making activity for the purpose to determine uniform approaches for solving such problems including through round-table discussion with the participation of interested state authorities (organizations) and with the subsequent forwarding of the round-table recommendations to the interested state authorities (organizations) for application in the rule-making activity;
  • study of the application practice within interested state authorities and organizations of the Computer-aided system for preparing legal normative acts of the Republic of Belarus for the purpose to determine the necessity of its improvement;
  • preparation of explanations as regards the issues the application of legislation which regulates the rule-making activity;
  • giving consultations to the employees of state authorities (organizations);
  • training (production of reports) on issues of the rule-making activity within various state authorities (organizations) including the forecasting of the impact resulting from the adoption of legal normative acts;
  • organizing of training courses within the National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus for employees for state authorities (organizations);
  • analysis of legal normative acts adopted (issued) by state authorities, regional executive councils (Minsk council) for the purpose of identification of problem issues arising from the application of rule-making technique and from the determination of ways for solving the above problem issues.

Within the Centre there are developed and approved the following methodical recommendations used during the process of preparation of legal normative acts:

  1. Methodical recommendations for the replacement of USSR and BSSR legal normative acts through the legal normative acts of the Republic of Belarus.
  2. Methodical recommendations for the preparation of draft lists of legal normative acts (their structural units) which are to be recognized as invalid.
  3. Methodical rules for developing conclusion on results of the compulsory juridical expert examination of draft laws.
  4. Methodical recommendations for the implementation of analytical researches.
  5. Methodical recommendations for the study of application practice of legal normative acts.
  6. Methodical recommendations for the development of State programs in preparing drafts of legal normative acts, annual plans for the preparation of draft laws in controlling of their execution.
  7. Methodical recommendations for the application of batch principle of the preparation of legal normative acts as well as for their adoption (issue).
  8. Methodical recommendations for analyzing legal normative acts of the state authorities in the republic, as well as of the National bank of the Republic of Belarus, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, regional (and Minsk) executive committees.
  9. Methodical recommendations for preparing necessity substantiation of adoption of laws of the Republic of Belarus and for the purpose to forecast the impact of their adoption.