Prevention, struggle and minimization of social consequences in the field of human trafficking in the Republic of Belarus

In the period from June 20 to June 26, 2010, within the framework of the project ”Prevention, Control and Minimization of Social Consequences in the Area of Trafficking in Human Beings in the Republic of Belarus“, responsible for the implementation of which was the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, an employee of the Office of national security legislation and law enforcement activities in the Republic of Moldova passed an internship to study Moldovan legislation in the field of combating human trafficking and the practice of its application.
The internship was organized by the UN Development Program Office in the Republic of Belarus.
During the internship, the national legislation of Moldova in combating trafficking in human beings and the practice of its application were studied, the meetings with representatives of Moldovan governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations, dealing with combating trafficking in human beings, were held and a number of ministries and other state bodies of Moldova responsible for combating trafficking in human beings were visited.