In 2020-2021 the Legal Research Institute carries out scientific support of the legislative drafting activities of the National Center of Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus, according to the following assignments:

  1. “The Local Government and Administrative Division in the Republic of Belarus: The Framework of the Constitutional Legal Support Development”
    The Principal Investigator:
    G. Vasilevich, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
  2. “The Administrative Legal Support of the Public Administration Efficiency Enhancement”
    The Principal Investigator:
    A. Ivanovsky, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
  3. “The Legal Support of Economy Digitalization of the Republic of Belarus in the Context of the Economic Integration Development within the EEU”
    The Principal Investigator:
    O. Bakinovskaya, PhD in Law, Associate Professor
  4. “The Enhancement of the Forms of the Review of Judgement in Civil and Economic Cases as the Most Important Guarantee of the Enjoyment of the Right to Judicial Remedy”
    The Principal Investigator:
    T. Taranova, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor
  5. “Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Liability in Employment and Social Security Law in the Context of the Implementation of the Socio-Economic Development Priorities of the Republic of Belarus”
    The Principal Investigator:
    I. Komotskaya, PhD in Law, Associate Professor
  6. “Directions of penalization and depenalization in national criminal law”
    The Principal Investigator:
    A. Shidlovsky, PhD in Law, Associate Professor

Academic Council and Dissertation Defense Board

Within the Centre have been established the Academic Council and the Dissertation Defense Board.

The Academic Council is a deliberative body that considers the most important questions concerned with fundamental and applied research as well as postgraduate education.

The Dissertation Defense Board scrutinized doctorate thesis on the following specializations:
12.00.02 – constitutional law; constitutional court proceedings; municipal law;
12.00.05 – labor law; social security law;
12.00.13 – information law.

Postgraduate study

The Center provides postgraduate education on the following specializations:
12.00.01 – theory and history of state and law; a history of law and state doctrines;
12.00.02 – constitutional law; constitutional court proceedings; municipal law;
12.00.03 – civil law; entrepreneurial law; family law; interstate law;
12.00.05 – labor law; social security law;
12.00.06 – land law, natural resources law; agrarian law; environmental law;
12.00.08 – criminal law and criminology; correctional law;
12.00.10 – international law; European law;
12.00.13 – information law;
12.00.14 – administrative law; tort law; administrative court proceedings law;
12.00.15 – civil proceedings; economical proceedings; arbitration proceedings.