The Civil, Environmental, and Social Law Research Department

21 Olga Bakinovskaya
The Head of the Department,
PhD in Law, Associate Professor

The main tasks of the department are scientific research and postgraduate education. The department specializes in fields of civil, land, agrarian, natural resource, environmental, employment, social and civil litigation law.

The employees of the department carry out scientific support of the legislative drafting activities of the National Center of Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus, according to the following assignments:

1. “The Legal Support of Economy Digitalization of the Republic of Belarus in the Context of the Economic Integration Development within the EEU”
The Principal Investigator:
O. Bakinovskaya, PhD in Law, Associate Professor

2. “The Enhancement of the Forms of the Review of Judgement in Civil and Economic Cases as the Most Important Guarantee of the Enjoyment of the Right to Judicial Remedy”
The Principal Investigator:
T. Taranova, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor

3. “Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Liability in Employment and Social Security Law in the Context of the Implementation of the Socio-Economic Development Priorities of the Republic of Belarus”
The Principal Investigator:
I. Komotskaya, PhD in Law, Associate Professor

The department’s employees research within the subprogramme “Law” of the State Research Program for 2016–2020 “Economy and Humanitarian Development of Belarusian Society” on the following assignments:

1. “The Agricultural and Environmental Law and Legislation Development in the Context of the Republic of Belarus’ Participation in Integration Processes”
The Principal Investigator:
E. Laevskaya, PhD in Law, Associate Professor

2. “The Issues of Realization of Legal Personality of Participants of Civil and Family Legal Relations and Forms of Protection of Their Subjective Rights Taking into Account Social and Economic Transformations in the Republic of Belarus”
The Principal Investigator:
S. Losev, PhD in Law, Associate Professor

3. “Legal Issues of employment and effective utilization of labor resources in the modern socio-economic conditions”
The Principal Investigator:
Т. Petochenko, PhD in Law, Associate Professor